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Appointment / Route

For whom does this apply?

The facility of an orientation visit is intended for family, friends and acquaintances of existing patients in our practice. These persons are not yet known at our practice, but have a complaint which may well be treated by a chiropractor.


2 to 3 times a month there is a special surgery for orientation visits. This surgery is held on variable time slots. Appointments last no longer than half an hour. You may book an appointment with the front desk assistant.

What will happen?

The patient explains the reason for visit and describes the history of complaints. The chiropractor will ask questions to get an impression of the problem. There will be a brief physical examination. Subsequently, the patient will be advised as to whether or not chiropractic treatment is indicated for the concerned complaint. The patient is free to decide upon whether or not taking on chiropractic treatment and booking an appointment.

Which complaints?

There is a large range of complaints which have to do with the nerve system, spine and joints and muscles in the body for which chiropractic treatment is indicated (see complaints)


This orientation visit costs 28 euro.


Phone our front desk assistant (+31 (0)70 3941157) and ask about the 'orientation visit'

Anita pauliMake an appointment

Please phone the practice to book an appointment at: +31 (0)70 3941157. The assistant will walk you through the options and plan the appointment in the electronic diary system. For other contact details follow the link.

Orientation visit

For family, friends and acquaintances of patients in our practice we offer the opportunity of an orientation appointment free of charge and commitment. Jeannet KromFor more information follow the link or phone our practice: +31 (0)70 3941157.

Treatment duration

The first visit takes up to 45 minutes, the second visit takes 30 minutes and repeat visits take approx. 15 minutes. Before the first visit you are kindly requested to complete an intake form in the waiting room. You may also download the form from the site and complete it at home (download questionnaire.pdf).


portret-Liesbeth MoerlandShould you be unable to attend, please be advised that you will have to cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance via telephone or personally. Appointments cannot be cancelled or changed through e-mail. Appointments on Mondays should be cancelled before the weekend. If you fail to cancel your appointment in time we unfortunately have to charge the reserved time (28 euro).




Our practice is located in 'het Wateringseveld' in The Hague.

locatieAddress (directions)

Praktijk Chiropractie Wateringseveld
Laan van Wateringseveld 1000
2548 CS Den Haag
The Netherlands

Telephone.: +31 (0)70 3941157
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: Appointments cannot be cancelled or changed through the mail.

Opening hours

The practice is open on weekdays, including school holidays and days around bank holidays:
Mornings: from 08.00 till 12.00 hr
Afternoons: from 13.00 till 17.30 hr

Praktijk Chiropractie Brussee
Laan van Wateringseveld 1000
2548 CS Den Haag

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