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scn-logoIn the Netherlands chiropractic is a relatively new profession. The first chiropractor settled down in 1968. At present more than 240 recognized chiropractors are working in the Netherlands (ie. 1.5 per 100.000 inhibitants). Chiropractic is still strongly underrepresented and the Netherlands Chiropractors Association (NCA) would like to see the number of chiropractors grow. For comparison, in the United States, there are around 70,000 chiropractors (23 per 100.000 inhabitants).


nca-logoThe Dutch government has not yet fully recognized chiropractic as a consequence of which the profession does not enjoy title protection and is classified as alternative medicine. Since many European countries do fully recognize the profession, it is the anticipation that this will also happen in the Netherlands in the near future. The chiropractic foundation in the Netherlands (SCN) has been established to ensure high quality of chiropractic care among registered chiropractors. In addition, the NCA has a 40 year history of applying strict guidelines for chiropractors in order to maintain their membership.


As GPs, specialists and physiotherapists are not well acquainted with the chiropractic profession, they may hesitate to refer patients to a chiropractor. As a consequence many patients unfortunately appear in the chiropractic clinic at a late stage during the development of the problem. Even though it is better to start chiropractic treatment as soon as possible, it can however still generate remarkable results in later phases.


Almost all health care insurances do reimburse chiropractic treatment, entirely or partially, conditional on the chiropractor’s affiliation with a recognized professional organisation such as the NCA. Please visit the NCA website for information on recognized chiropractors. More information

Need a referral?

To become eligible for reimbursement usually you do not need a referral by a physician. Your chiropractor does not need a referral either but if necessary and with your permission he will consult with your treating physician.


The chiropractors at Chiropractie Brussee are officially registered with both the SCN and NCA. The secretarial office of the SCN and NCA is shared and ran by the chiropractic operational office (Facilitair Bedrijf Chiropractie), which is located at the NCA office. More information

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