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The chiropractors at Chiropractie Brussee are officially registered with both the SCN and NCA. The secretarial office of the SCN and NCA is ran by the chiropractic operational office (Facilitair Bedrijf Chiropractie) and is located at the NCA office.


scn-logoThe Chiropractic Foundation of the Netherlands (SCN) ensures continued quality assurance and post-graduate education of chiropractors in the Netherlands. Chiropractors who are officially registered with the SCN comply with strict quality demands and are considered as recognized chiropractors and may use the official label of the SCN.

Stichting Chiropractie Nederland
Postbus 147
8500 AC Joure
The Netherlands
Tel. (+31) (0)513 416097
Fax. (+31) (0)513 411270


nca-logoThe Netherlands Chiropractors Association (NCA) has been the most important chiropractic organisation in the Netherlands for years. Approximately 240 chiropractors in the Netherlands are a member of this professional association. In order to be allowed as a member of the NCA, chiropractors have to fulfil strict quality conditions. The NCA fulfils the conditions of the SCN for which reason all her members are officially registered chiropractors.

Facilitair bureau NCA
Waagplein 4a
8501 BE Joure
The Netherlands
Tel. (+31) (0)513 412041

More information about recognized chiropractors and chiropractic education is available at the Facilitair Bureau NCA (+31) (0)513 412041 or www.chiropractie.nl .

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