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The spinal column consists of 24 vertebrae and protects the spinal cord, which together with the brain forms the central nervous system: - 7 neck vertebrae (cervical spine, C1 to C7) - 12 thoracic vertebrae (thoracic spine, T1 to T12) - 5 lower back vertebrae (lumbar spine, L1 to L5) The skull, which protects the brain, is positioned on top of the spinal column. The sacrum (S1 to S5) and coccyx (Co) are located at the bottom of the spinal column. The sacrum and pelvis form the sacro-illiacal joint also known as SI-joint.

Nerve roots

At each junction between vertebrae nerves leave the spinal cord. These nerves split into thousands endings towards the extremities, chest, and organs, and supply the body with information to and from the brain (see picture). Movement disorders in the spinal column can cause complaints elsewhere in the body by affecting the nerves. For this reason the spinal column plays an important role in our general health and wellbeing.

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