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Sport Kenneth van Holsteijn Practicing sports puts high demands on the body. Each restriction, however small, can jeopardize the performance and even facilitate sports injuries. Athletes are known to have a strong drive. They are waiting to continue training and improve on their performance without suffering the frustration of injuries. Chiropractie Brussee has an affinity with sport and does recognize the special circumstances surrounding athletes. Our practice therefore has appointed chiropractic care for athletes as a field of special interest.


In order to provide efficient and adequate care to athletes, Chiropractie Brussee has a collaboration with specialized sports physicians, the Olympic Network Region the Hague cq. Sport Cees CarreeRegional Support centre Talent and Topsports, and specialized sports physiotherapists (collaborations). In addition, our chiropractors have followed special training in the field of sports-chiropractic, which is an emerging field. Chiropractie Brussee is a member and founder of the Dutch Association of Sports Chiropractic (NVSC) of the NCA, which is affiliated with the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic.

How can chiropractic help?

Chiropractic can provide service to athletes in two ways. First, by treating sports injuries, second by improving the level of performance through prevention of sports injuries and optimizing the nerve system.

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