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sport2306582XSThis part fits in nicely with the basic principle of chiropractic that a properly functioning nerve system is pivotal to a good health and optimal performance, within someone's level (what is chiropractic). This applies to professional athletes as well as amateurs and leisure sports people.

Optimal performance

Movement disorders in the spinal column, even if unnoticed, can disrupt nerve function and affect the performance of the body parts connected to the involved nerves. This may happen in absence of an injury or complaints and without a clear cause. Chiropractic tracks down and resolves movement disorders in (spinal and other) joints and hence contributes to the improvement of the general health, balance of the body and physical performance.

How can chiropractic help?

Sport Roy BruggelingChiropractic care can be beneficial for athletes in absence of obvious complaints in two ways. First, movement disorders will be traced and resolved which facilitates better nerve function and therefore better performance of the body. The performance level will hence be increased. Second, early recognition and resolution of (yet unnoticed) movement disorders prevent the development of injuries and complaints in a later stage (see prevention in treatment phases).

Wellknown athletes and chiropractic

Many wellknown top athletes do get chiropractic treatment, also in preparation of an important event. Some examples:

sport Frans Greve- Tiger Woods
- Michael Jordan
- Renate Groenewold
- Jochum Uytdehaage
- Derrick Parra

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