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sportbles2290596XSSports injuries can be caused by falling incidents, overstraining, or for example a wrong step. The precise precipitating cause is not always known. Injuries do however jeopardize exercise and may even affect daily activities.

Why chiropractic?

Many injuries can be traced back to a (as yet often unrecognized) movement disorder in the spinal column or another joint. A spinal movement disorder, however small, can affect the nerve function. This causes reduced muscle control and muscle functioning, and reduced reflexes. Hence, the risk of injuries around that muscle group increases (distant injury). In this case the (subclinical) presence of a movement disorder is the underlying cause of the complaint. On the other hand, a joint movement disorder itself may constitute the main part of the injury, if neck pain, back pain or other joint pain occurs due to a sports accident. In both cases (distant injuries and joint injuries) chiropractic care can be helpful.

How can your chiropractor help?

Sport Eefje KoeneThe chiropractor will discuss the circumstances with you in detail and conduct a physical examination of the injured part and possibly other sites as well. The chiropractor may want to review available x-rays and scans or request new ones to be taken. He is trained to recognize pathology (disease) and fractures on imaging material which cannot be helped by chiropractic treatment.

The physical examination and imaging material will reveal as to whether chiropractic treatment is indicated and how and where you should be treated. The injury may be treated locally (at the site of the complaint) or for example from the back or the neck if the complaints originate from a movement disorder in the spinal column.

Common injuries in our practice

Sport jeroen ras- Achilles tendon disorders
- Sprained ankle
- Hip, knee and ankle complaints
- Tennis elbow
- Shoulder and wrist injuries
- Backache
- Stiff neck

Complete care

regiosteunpuntOnce the cause of the complaint has been solved it is important to regain optimal balance in order to avoid relapse (treatment phases). This happens through exercises and targeted training of relevant muscle groups in a certain direction.

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