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Practice Chiropractie Brussee is located in the new area Wateringseveld in The Hague.

The patient

In our practice the health and wellbeing of the patients is central. We believe that the treatment should be carefully tailored to your individual needs and supplied with a clear and straightforward report. We want the best result for you. It is our aim to make you feel comfortable with it.

Our aim

Our aim is based on the principle that a properly functioning spine is pivotal to a good health and optimal performance. Our aim is to optimize your health and performance. We achieve this by resolving movement disorders in your spine and other joints through high quality chiropractic care.

Quality assurance

To obtain the highest standards of care we put high demands on educational background and experience of the chiropractors. They have all completed a 5-year education at one of the officially acknowledged universities, and they are registered with the Netherlands Chiropractic Foundation (SCN) and member of the Netherlands Chiropractor Association (NCA).

The team

> Imke van Loon
> Liesbeth de Hoop

In addition there are three part-time front desk assistants: Jeanet Krom, Anita Pauli and Liesbeth Moerland. They can provide you with general information and book an appointment.


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