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At our practice we like working within an extensive collaborative network. It is our experience that this contributes to an efficient and client directed patient care. Collaboration with other disciplines demands respect for these disciplines, recognition of your own limitations, good knowledge of the expertise of others and good communication.


We have good experience with local GPs, remedial therapists, (sports) physiotherapists and for example anestesiologists of pain clinics. Chiropractie Brussee is unique in the sense that they have a collaboration with sports physicians of the MC Haaglanden – Antoniushove and participate in the Olympic Network Region the Hague cq. Regional Support center for Talent and Elite Sport (see Athletes).


There are many ways in which we seek multidisciplinary collaboration. Below we present examples of common collaborative activities with other disciplines in our practice:

Request for information from hospital: it is common practice to request x-rays or scans from the hospital conditional on the permission of the patient

Request for additional examinations: if necessary new imaging material will be requested via the treating physician Referral physicians: it may happen that imaging material or physical examination suggest presence of pathology (disease). The chiropractor will then refer to the treating physician.

Referral therapists: especially during the stabilisation phase (see treatment phases) we use to refer to remedial therapists and (sports) physiotherapists accompanied with a specialized advice which is complimentary to the chiropractic treatment.

Communication and consultation: Occasionally there is telephone consultation with a GP, specialist or sports physician about a patient. We attend presentations at the department of sports medicine at the Antoniushove hospital and are available for consultation about their patients.

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