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 Liesbeth de Hoop

portret liesbethAs of half January (2009) Liesbeth de Hoop has joined the chiropractic team of this practice (picture). Liesbeth is an experienced chiropractor with ample experience in the treatment of adults and special training and experience in the treatment of babies and children. Throughout the year she still attempts post-graduate courses in this specialist field. 








Founder of this practice

portret wimWim Brussee is the founder of Chiropractie Brussee. In 1994 he started studying chiropractic at the AECC in the UK after having worked as a physiotherapist for 4 years (1989-1993). The choice of chiropractic was made based on the fact that he himself experienced large benefits from chiropractic treatment of an old persistent sports injury from his bicycle racing period. As a physiotherapist he became interested in this specialist area because of the in depth knowledge, wide range of treatment modalities and remarkable outcomes.

Since he graduated in 1993 with honors, he has worked as a chiropractor in practices in The Hague, Heemstede and Zeist. In April 2nd 2001 he opened his own practice in het Wateringseveld in The Hague. Since 2007 he has raised the NVSC (Dutch Chiropractic Sports Council / Nederlandse Vereniging voor Sport Chiropractie). He is chairman of the NVSC since 2007 uptil 2013.

Chiropractor Wim Brussee left the practice in 2014 and moved to the south of Holland (Vught, Brabant).

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