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cold-packTissue which has been strained too heavily or has been under tension for too long will become damaged. This results in local inflammation with symptoms such as pain, palor (redness), stiffness and swelling (edema).

By applying ice to the appropriate site for a certain period, complaints may strongly decrease or even be prevented, whereas heat will generate the opposite effect. Heat may be pleasant at first, but will worsen the swelling and pain. Cold on the other hand will decrease swelling and has a sedating effect.

Icing procedure:

Note. Not to be applied to face, throat or genitals!

- Fold a cloth around the cold-pack (can be obtained at our practice)

- Apply the package to the painful area (or another area as instructed by the chiropractor):
- - arms and legs: 10-15 minutes
- - neck: 10 minutes
- - back: 15 minutes

- Check area regularly

- Remove cold-pack immediately if the skin becomes stiff, frozen or extremely red

- The procedure may be repeated every 2 hours

If you are unsure or have queries regarding the application of ice, please read the instructions again or call the practice, +31 (0)70 3941157.

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