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praktijkFor new patients the first and second visit are used to carefully analyze the complaints, to assess as to whether chiropractic care is indeed indicated and develop a treatment plan. If applicable, treatment will be initiated on the second visit. It is our belief that adequate communication about our steps and decisions is a relevant part of the treatment process.

First visit (intake)

Before meeting with the chiropractor the assistant will ask you to complete a query form about your complaint. You may also download this form from the site to be completed at home and bring it at your first visit (download questionnaire.pdf). The chiropractor will use the form to discuss your present complaints and medical history. Subsequently you will undergo a physical examination in which the chiropractor applies neurological, orthopaedic and chiropractic evaluation methods. Joints in the spine as well as in the arms and legs will be checked carefully. The chiropractor will evaluate as to whether and how movement disorders can have exerted an effect on the nerve function. The first visit takes 30-45 minutes.

Additional examinations

rontgen2750552XSThe chiropractor may deem it nessary to have further examinations done (eg. X-rays, EMG), for example to help judging (bone) tissue condition and to exclude pathology and special risks. The chiropractor will take the additional imaging material into account while making the treatment plan.

Chiropractors distinguish themselves by an excellent training in radiology and diagnostics. They have been trained in taking x-rays and in reading x-rays and scans (eg. MRI). Imaging material is important for making a sound decision on the possibilities of chiropractic treatment and for adequately tailoring treatment to the patient.

Second visit (report of findings)

During the second visit the chiropractor will extensively discuss the findings and recommendations from the first visit and additional examinations with you. This should clarify as to whether or not chiropractic care is indicated for your problems and treatment is instigated if indeed indicated. The treatment technique depends on the results from the first visit and imaging material. If there is suspicion of an underlying disease (pathology) your treating physician will be contacted with your permission. The second visit takes 30 minutes. Repeat (treatment) visits take 10 to 15 minutes.

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