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Repeat visits

During repeat visits the chiropractor repeats various tests from the first visit to evaluate progress. Treatment will start following these tests. As treatment has been tailored to your complaint, body and circumstances it will be different for each individual (see also treatment techniques). Repeat visits take approx. 15 minutes. For more information on the treatment plan follow the link to treatment phases.

Treatment techniques

Opposite to what is being said chiropractic is not a tough treatment technique. In fact, most patients do not experience pain at all during treatment! Chiropractic treatment techniques range from muscle stretching and manipulations (see box) to applying subtle impulses by using a special device or a special treatment table. Since chiropractors have many techniques available, they treat patients from all age categories: from babies to the elderly (zie specific patient groups).

Difference with other therapies

Chiropractic is different from manual therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy or Sickenz therapy. Chiropractor Brussee used to be a physiotherapist and manual therapist before initiating his training as a chiropractor. He knows about the differences by experience and is happy to help you with queries regarding this issue.

Multidisciplinary approach

In order to recover from either acute or chronic complaints it may be necessary to add exercises or other adjustments to the chiropractic treatment plan. In view of the physiotherapy background of the chiropractors in Chiropractie Brussee there is ample experience with exercise programs for post-operative hernia patients, back patients, arm-and leg injuries and specific sports injuries. The chiropractors do appreciate that certain patients need specialized supervision by for example a physiotherapist or remedial therapist, while other patients just need clear advice. It may also be advised to change the work situation in collaboration with an ergotherapist or 'arbodienst' (see collaborations).


In our practice we enjoy working in an extensive collaborative network. It is our experience that this contributes to an efficient and patient oriented care. We have good experience working with GPs, remedial therapists, (sport) physiotherapists and for example anesthesiologists from pain clinics. Chiropractie Brussee is unique in the sense that it has developed a collaborative network with specialized sports physicians and participates in the regional support group for talents in sport in the area of the Hague (see Athletes). More information about collaborative partners is provided on page collaborations.

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