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In our practice we differentiate between three different phases of care:

I Pain relief
II Stabilisation
III Prevention

I - Patient is in pain > Pain relief
II - Unstable balance, sensitive to relapse or injury > Stabilisation
III - Healthy > Prevention

Pain relief

Most patients visit the clinic because of pain complaints. In these cases treatment will be aimed at pain reduction. Cases of acute pain need on average 6 to 8 treatments (sometimes less, sometimes more) to sort effect. For chronic or old complaints it may take longer in view of the long history during which the body has adapted to the situation.


After pain treatment the body will tend to relapse into its old pattern to which it had grown accustomed. Muscles and surrounding tissues will have to get used to the regained mobility of the joints and pull the joints back into the old position. The second treatment phase is aimed at breaking this pattern. This phase is targeted at regaining optimal balance of the body. Occasionally it will be necessary to modify situations at work or for example change posture. Extensive advice regarding usefull exercises will be given. In this treatment phase the treatment intensity will be reduced and more emphasis is put on exercises.


In line with regular check ups with your dentist and MOT or regular service of your car, regular check ups with the chiropractor can help preventing more serious complaints in the future. By having your spine checked regularly you can avoid tiny movement disorders to develop into real problems.

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