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When to consult a chiropractor?

BabyDSC00166Babies can be treated by a chiropractor right from birth. It may be useful to have a check up of the spine performed after a complicated delivery or for example after a drop from the chest of drawers.

Causes of complaints in babies

Common causes of complaints in babies include wrong position in the uterus, a comlicated delivery (forceps or vacuum extraction), or an ultra rapid delivery. A frequent problem seen in young infants is a complex syndrome of joint fixations between the upper cervical vertebrae and the back of the head, or an irritation between the shoulder blades. These problems can cause pain and strong postural preferences or head position preference and crooked growing. Slightly fixed vertebrae can influence the nerves that supply the intestines with information and thereby trigger colic pain or constipation.

Complaints treated by chiropractors

BabyDSC00161Typical signs of pain in babies include insistent crying, clenched fists, restlessness, overstretching, grabbing ears or grabbing the back of the head. These may be a reason to have a spinal check up done. In our practice common reasons for chiropractic consults of babies are:
- Signs of pain
- Crying baby
- Colic
- Sleeping problems
- Preferential posture, head position, or crooked growth
- Asymmetrical movements
- Distorted position of the foot
- Kiss-syndrome
- Check-up after a drop or fall

Chiropractic treatment of babies

BabyDSC00164The chiropractic treatment of babies consists of careful mobilisation. In practice this happens by applying slight pressure on a vertebra or on the back of the head by a finger or a special developed device. Fortunately babies tend to respond quickly to treatment.


Research has shown that chiropractic treatment of babies is actually quite safe. The applied techniques are extremely soft. The treated spot may however be slightly tender upon touching because of the underlying movement disorder. After treatment a commonly seen phenomenon is that the baby falls into a very deep sleep.

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