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enkelApart from back problems, chiropractors treat complaints of the extremities. Leg pain may be caused by local over-endurance of tendons and muscles, injury or joint disease. The problem may also arise from a low back problem. For this reason the chiropractor will examine the lower spine and pelvis in addition to the leg itself.

Examples of leg complaints treated by chiropractors

- inguinal or hamstring injury
- chronic tendon disorder around the hip and groin (eg psoas tendinitis, tendinitis m. tensor fascia latae)
- Osteo-arthritis
- bursitis, tendon disorders around the knee (eg. adductor tendinitis)
- tendon problems around the ankle (eg. peroneal tendinitis)
- pain and tingling with or without loss of strength in the leg or foot (as with herniated disk, ischias/sciatica, double crush syndrome and the Maigne syndrome).
- Facet syndrome
- SI-problem

How can chiropractic help?

The chiropractor will first determine as to whether the problem arises from the lower back and pelvis or is indeed a local problem by using orthopaedic, neurologic and chiropractic testing methods. Additional imaging information, such as x-rays, may be necessary. Depending on the findings the chiropractor will treat the spine and/or the concerned site.

After treatment

Usually the patient will be instructed to perform specific exercises to strengthen the affected sites. The practice will provide exercise tools if necessary. Chiropractor Brussee used to be a (sports) physiotherapist and has acquired ample experience with targeted and tailored exercises. In addition, chiropractor Brussee collaborates with known (sports) physiotherapists and remedial therapists if posture and muscles have to be trained more profoundly (collaborations).

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