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Radiating complaints in the arms or legs

HerniaMovement disorders at certain levels of the spine can eventually lead to radiating pain and tingling in the extremities. This is caused by the fact that the nerve which runs along the affected area in the spine becomes trapped (picture). At a later stage loss of strength and/or reflexes may occur. These signs and symptoms are known from herniated disks, in which the protruding disk is pushing against the nerve. Disorders in the upper spine are associated with problems in the arms and shoulder. Disorders in the lower spine are associated with leg problems.

Other joints

Tingling in the hands and feet do not have to arise from the back. There may be a local problem in for example the wrist or ankle. There are numerous small joints in the hands and feet, which can get subluxated in a fall, wrong movement or overstraining. As a consequence the nerves which run along these joints become triggered or irritated. This causes numbness, burning or tingling sensations.

How can the chiropractor help?

The chiropractor will thoroughly examine your spine and other joints in order to trace the cause of your complaints. It may be necessary to review past x-rays or scans or to take new ones. The nature, location and stage of the problem determine whether or not and how the problem can be treated chiropractically. Your chiropractor is well trained in examining and judging the possibilities for chiropractic treatment of these types of complaints. If indicated the chiropractor will refer or advise other disciplines.

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