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polsApart from back problems, chiropractors treat problems in extremities such as the arms.


Pain complaints in the arms may be caused by:
overuse syndrome of tendons and muscles (eg. Tennis elbow)
- fall incident or accident
- Joint problem (eg. Rheumatoid arthritis)
- neck problem (eg. Facet syndromeor herniated disk)

Complaints seen in our practice

Complaints which are commonly seen in our practice:
- frozen shoulder
- tendon disorders in the shoulder (eg. supraspinatus tendinitis)
- bursitis
- tendon diseorders arond the elbow (eg. Tennis elbow and golfer elbow)
- tendon disorders around the wrist (eg. M. Quervain)
- pain and tingling with or without loss of strength in the upper arm, lower arm or hand (as with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, double crush syndrome and neck hernia)

What can your chiropractor do?

The chiropractor will not only examine the joints, tendons and muscles in the arm, but will also check the neck and upper spine. For this purpose he uses orthopaedic, neurologic and chiropractic examination techniques. The physical examination should clarify as to whether the complaints have a local origin or arise from the neck. Sometimes additional examinations, such as x-rays, will be necessary. If the complaint arises from the spine, the spine will be treated, but it may still be necessary to treat the complaint locally as well (on the site of the complaint).

After treatment

In addition to treatment, patients will usually receive home work to train the weak sites. Chiropractor Brussee used to be a (sports-)physiotherapist during which period he gained experience in training schemes and exercise. Patients may take training aids from the practice, such as for example latex exercise bands, for exercises at home. Chiropractor Brussee collaborates with (sport) physiotherapists and remedial therapists if posture and muscles need specific training (see collaborations, sport physicians).

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